To showcase people how I see them in my heart – thats my desire.

In my freelance work I combine erotic motives with spiritual symbols. This combination can be seen as provocative – which is the tempting part in my works. I use different techniques to highlight every motive – oil, etchings or illustrations – to create a special design.


How can one create something irresistible without loosing ones head in the process?

To try something new, to think outside the box, to plan creativly and to use the own ressources: Packaging design needs the commitment to the product and the knowledge about different ways of industrial productions. And if I did a good job my sons illuminated eyes while looking at one of my own designs is the best reassurance i can get.

Its irresistible, I want it!


Graphic Design- Imaginative design
with strong tools.

My tool: The classic Adobe Creative Suite. Foremore I work with Cinema 4D and am a strong webdesigner, and helps me to invision new and exciting designs for my clients. Furthermore
I love to pass down my knowledge, so i became a tutor for these programs.

And designing this website is extraordinarily exciting for me.


The layout for a magazin has to be
clever, yet sexy.

To keep up with the new trends and developments in the field of editorial design there has to be one question of utter importance in ones mind: What does the reader wanna see? Should the focus be on information graphics, illustrations, pictures or text? Working close with the journalists helps making those decisions. Just then one can absorb influences from around the world and is able to design clever articles with professionality.


If you are born on Sicily and arrive to the airport of Nuremberg on a snowy day without baggages... wouldnt think you could find a new home in this bavarian town. At first. But the challenges I encountered made up for it: After i studied at the University of fine Arts in Palermo I got my Masters degree at the Academy of fine Arts in Nuremberg.
After my Masters I taught graphic design at the very same academy for the next eight years.

My desire to do more practical work lead to me working for different agencies of graphic design in Nuremberg. To have a closer look and get more informat ions click right here.

Today I can look back on years of experience in the fields of:




Despite all of that, my main fields of work are still the Corporate Design, B2B and B2C, Packaging Design, Illustrations, Storyboarding and the supervision of photoshoots.


Thats the naked truth.

I hope my performance convinced you! Now I´m eager to learn more about you!
Are you searching for help in your projects? Where could be touching points of our work?
Just write me an E-mail or +49(0)151-27540746 give me a call!


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